BOW-WOWS & MEOWS - Professional Pet Care Services
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Thank you for your interest in the Bow-wows & Meows business franchise opportunity.
Bow-wows & Meows is the first fully flexible and nationally recognised professional pet care franchise service company. Developed originally in County Donegal, Bow-wows & Meows has continued to grow its client base in both the Republic and in Northern Ireland over the past 4 years.
We are an independent, private organisation whose franchisees play a vital role in our ongoing development.
An ever-growing Irish pet population, and a more pet welfare orientated nation, has created the urgent need for a nationally recognised professional, trained, vetted and accredited organisation to allow both working and holidaying pet owners to have a more flexible lifestyle.
At Bow-wows & Meows, we provide a comprehensive professional service of pet care that has had the praise and support of the nation’s pet owners as well as pet professionals.
The Bow-wows & Meows flexible and friendly approach has helped thousands of pet owners. The growing number of happy repeat business customers demonstrates that pet owners can go to work, have a holiday, visit friends, take short breaks, or have a pet day off in the certain knowledge that their pet will be exercised, loved and cherished in their own environment or ours.
Purchasing a new Bow-wows & Meows pet care franchise
Thank you for your interest in a new Bow-wows & Meows franchise. This page will introduce you to the Bow-wows & Meows franchise and the process to apply. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and also to apply for a franchise.
Bow-wows & Meows is the first Irish fully turnkey bespoke professional pet care franchise. Its uniquely designed, fun and tested service allows pet owning customers to leave their cherished pets in the hands of fully trained and qualified Petpals franchise owners.
The demand for this type of specialised pet care service is far greater than the supply of trained and qualified operators and this gap widens every year as the country’s kennels and catteries struggle to keep up with the number of new pets. Also there is a growing trend with pet lovers to move away from the kennels and catteries and look for a service which combines at home pet care with the added advantage of additional home security. These needs are fully satisfied by Bow-wows & Meows who allow the pets to stay in their own safe and secure environment, with familiar sights and smells or with trained and experienced carers in their own homes.
What services does a Bow-wows & Meows franchise offer?
A Bow-wows & Meows franchise owner has tried and tested income streams generated by the following services:
  • At home pet visits
  • Dog walking
  • Home sitting
  • Home boarding
  • Pet to vet
  • Pet to trainer or groomer
  • Pet taxi or relocation
  • Pet foods
  • Pet supplies
  • Pet accessories
What is the process to apply for a franchise?
  • Application - First we must learn more about you. As the rights to operate under the Bow-wows & Meows brand are for a considerable term, it is vitally important that both parties are confident in the other’s ability and commitment to making the business grow and prosper. A franchise relationship is a very special partnership. Please contact us for a detailed information pack, which is designed to give you an insight into our Bow-wows & Meows Pawprint for Business Success, a Confidential Application form, this will give us a clear indication of your substance and ability to meet the investment parameters as well as give us an insight into your background before we first meet, a Confidentiality Agreement and Discover Day booking form.
  • Discover Day - After we have received and reviewed the above forms we will contact you to answer any initial questions you may have and then arrange for you to spend a day with an existing Bow-wows & Meows Franchise near you. During your Discover Day you will see Bow-wows & Meows operating in a variety of different situations. You will also see both the good and the bad of what we do and you may even talk to our customers about the Bow-wows & Meows experience!
  • Area Assessment, Business Plan & Franchise Agreement - We work together to draw up a business plan based on your personal finances and carry out a demographic and market assessment of your area. We also go through the Franchise Agreement with you.
    • Area assessment
    • Business Plan
    • Franchise Agreement
  • Decision & Secure Area - We work together to decide whether we are right for you and you are right for us.
    • 2-way decision based on application process, Discover Day, Business Plan and returned references.
    • Reserve your area with a 2500 Euro +  VAT deposit.
  • Operations Planning Day - Your Operations Planning Day is the start of the detailed planning process that leads to:
    • Pre launch marketing campaign
    • Operational set up
    • Initial training
    • Work experience training
    • Launch training and Launch
  • Setting up your franchise - After the initial meetings and disclosures, should we decide to proceed, a Franchise Agreement will be drawn up. A training course will be provided for the key personnel who will be operating the business in your territory. Copies of all manuals (Operational and Technical) and materials necessary for the running of your business will be provided. Franchisees will be required to operate at least one vehicle in the local market and make the necessary provisions for back up personnel to cover days off and holidays.
    Common Questions
    I could do this myself, why should I become a Bow-wows & Meows franchise owner?
    • You will become a member of the exclusive Bow-wows & Meows network. It is a nationally branded company with a tried and tested business strategy, that will allow you to own and operate an exciting, successful and rewarding business that grows every year, with on-going support and training, in one of the fastest growing service sectors.
    • You will be joining a professional organisation that has many years experience in franchise ownership and that is financed, owned and controlled by successful dedicated business professionals.
    • You will develop new business and pet care skills and qualifications via Bow-wows & Meows commitment to on-going training and development.
    • You will be joining a growing number of successful franchises operating under a trusted and recognised national brand with a tried and tested business model that will allow you to own and operate an exciting, successful and rewarding business.
    • You will receive comprehensive training at the Bow-wows & Meows head office and operational and marketing support throughout your launch period and development year. In addition you will receive ongoing operational support and access to your fellow Bow-wows & Meows professionals.
    Is this a seasonal business? Who is going to use our services when it’s not holiday time?
    Yes, but this does not affect us in a negative way. On the contrary, it is a benefit for us. Using the Bow-wows & Meows system you will build a client base that uses you every day, thus guaranteeing steady and regular income. There are thousands of customers out there who will need the Bow-wows & Meows service every working day as we care for pets that cannot be looked after by their owners due to work commitments, age, sickness or infirmity. Often our regular customers also become holiday customers.
    The seasonal holiday customers, who in turn often become regular customers, then complement these customers.
    These customers will then use the Bow-wows & Meows service every time they have to leave their pets, month after month, year after year.
    Who gets the customers for the franchise owner?
    The short answer is, we both do. We work with the local newspapers, vets, pet shops, groomers, trainers etc, prior to and immediately following your launch. Bow-wows & Meows then continues with national marketing, internet advertising and pet events. It is however your business and your responsibility to maximise customer acquisition opportunities.
    Can I hire help?
    Can I work outside my exclusive area?
    No. How would you like someone coming into your area? It is not necessary to fight amongst ourselves, as there is just too much business around. We often ask the nearest franchise owner to act as a caretaker to the area, although, don’t forget, you always have the option to purchase additional areas, if you wish.
    What happens if the area I would like has already gone?
    Take the next available area that is closest to your home. With a spectacular opportunity like Bow-wows & Meows , areas are going fast. It is people that can immediately spot the opportunity that petpals offer who can generally do well.
    Can I see Bow-wows & Meows in practice?
    Of course, that is the first step in applying to become a Bow-wows & Meows franchise owner. We ask that you spend a Discover Day with one of our franchise owners near you to see if the business suits you.
    What are the benefits of franchise ownership?
    • The original pet care franchise business opportunity
    • Low cost initial investment including launch costs from 12,500 Euro + VAT.
    • Regular and repeat business that grows every year
    • National company which provides approved local pet care services
    • Initial training, work experience training, launch support and follow up business development support in establishing years.
    • Pet friendly approved van, smart and versatile clothing, full inventory of necessary pet care equipment, professional stationery, bespoke software & interactive website
    • Pet professional and pet welfare approved
    • Run your own business working from home with no expensive and space consuming stock
    • Flexible business model that directly links personal effort to reward
    What other benefits do you have of a Bow-wows & Meows franchise?
    Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
    • Since launching the Bow-wows & Meows service we have developed numerous techniques to bring in new business and your franchise training package will include comprehensive information and a marketing manual to assist in the launch and ongoing promotion of your business. As new ideas are developed, you will be provided with copies of everything produced for the purpose of developing more business.
    Extensive Franchise Network
    • As part of the Bow-wows & Meows network you will be able to call upon the support and advice of your fellow franchisees, all of whom will have faced many of the challenges and opportunities you will. It is comforting to know that you are part of a franchise network.
    Vehicle Equipping and Design
    • A consistent image is one of the critical success factors in the development of a franchise system. As part of your investment in the Bow-wows & Meows franchise, a fully deisgned, liveried and equipped vehicle will be prepared for you to lease or purchase. The vehicle will be designed in accordance to our specifications and carry the distincitve Bow-wows & Meows logo as well as your local/national telephone numbers, e-mail address and the national website details.
    • Inside the vehicle will be specially designed compartment systems, the first aid kit, pet accessories and toys, corporate wear and full documentation and marketing package to assist you to launch quickly and efficiently into your territory.
    Costs involved in setting up a new Petpals franchise
    What investment will be required to establish a single area operation?
    Single license area is based on exclusive post codes of approximately 50,000 residential homes.
    Typically, from:
    • 12,500 Euro +  investment payment to Bow-wows & Meows which is inclusive of everything you need to launch.
    • Other costs for consideration are the purchase or lease and fitting of a Bow-wows & Meows pet friendly vehicle and additionally a home office setup.  You should budget around 5000 Euro + VAT for these.
    • The total investment is typically under 20,000 Euro. You should also allow enough working capital to last you while establishing your franchise during the first year.
    What sort of turnover can we expect?
    Following our proven Bow-wows & Meows pawprint for business success you should expect to turn over in the region of 20,000 Euro - 30,000 Euro* in your first year, in your second year approximately 30,000 - 50,000 Euro* and in your third year approximately 35,000 - 60,000 Euro*.
    Remember however that although you will be acquiring a proven, successful concept this is still your business and success as in all business’ is not guaranteed.
    Is my area exclusive to me?
    Yes, the franchise fee payable to Bow-wows & Meows covers a designated area, and there is the option to purchase additional areas as you wish?
    Can I resell the business?
    Can I obtain finance?
    Your bank will have a specialist Franchise Advisor and we would suggest you contact them to discuss your finance options. We will be glad to help you with this process if necessary.
    Will I need a vehicle to transport pets?
    Yes. We currently recommend either the Citroen Dispatch or Berlingo. We can help with the acquisition of these vehicles either new or nearly new and also with a number of financing options. Each vehicle will be required to be fitted out with safe secure pet friendly cages manufactured by a nationally approved company. The cages have none spill water bowls and blind dividers and can be configured in different formats. Each van has fresh air extract and intake and is fitted with many other Bow-wows & Meows ‘fit for the job’ accessories. The vehicle is very safe for transporting pets and the Bow-wows & Meows branding on the vehicle is undoubtedly one of our most successful forms of advertising in the local community.
    What about advertising?
    Included in your franchise fee is a substantial budget for launch advertising and ongoing activity during your first year. You will be heavily involved in the planning and co-ordination of this activity.
    What about insurance and security?
    The company has a bespoke, mandatory national insurance plan, that we insist every franchisee has, that covers pet care, Public Liability and Employers Liability. This is fully explained once a franchisee joins the Bow-wows & Meows team.
    * PLEASE NOTE - The figures provided in the illustration represent the average turnover of new franchisees across our Irish network. The network performance can vary from year to year and also by the individual franchise area. The turnover of thefranchise area you select is dependent upon many factors, including your own personal performance. There is no guarantee that you will achieve these figures and nor is it intended that you should rely on them as a warranty or guarantee. For the avoidance of doubt, turnover figures represent total sales net of costs, for example salaries, wages, depreciation and servicing any loans. As a prospective franchisee you should take your own independent financial and accountancy advice in consideration of the franchise proposition.
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